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Dovbik: We experience everything, we follow the exploits of the ZSU



SC Dnipro-1 forward Artem Dovbik shared animosity in the potential match “Dnipro” against Cyprian Apollo (3:1) in another round of the League of Conferences.

Let’s guess, for some counts of the Ukrainian national team, he scored a double and scored a goal for Valentin Rubchinsky.

“It can be said that my turn as a goalscorer was successful, but I wanted to mean the whole team, because I had a good game. They played on the arc of a high level and I didn’t put any specks in the episodes.

Maybe it was so hostile it was easy, but it was really important. The stain zmushuvala prystosuvatis up to the weather ghosts. Ale, in general, we plan victorious for the group. They scored two Swiss goals, then the third in the roaring house – then they could see three.

So there was a sudoma inside me, which prevented me from continuing the match. All right now, all is well, I’m inspired.
It’s really important to show us to the world that it’s in Ukraine now. We experience everything and follow the exploits of the evil forces of Ukraine. Okremo wants to give a great shan to our warriors of the Dnipro-1 battalion, they protect us and fight our country“.

The 25-year-old Nasamkinets attacker joined the points in the upcoming matches in the Ukraine national team.

“Before the choice, it is always good to turn around, that is a good mood. If it becomes a tough flight, those three important gris, then it is of course more serious” – podsumuvav Dovbik.

It is significant that Artem Dovbik was nominated for the title of engraving tizhnya at the Liza conference. You can vote for the Ukrainian forward for sim posilannyam.

Also, Artem’s ball claims a goal during the tournament, which you can also vote for on the official UEFA website,

Source: Football UA

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Conference League

Dnipro-1 – Vaduz. Forward the day




The European Cup day for Ukrainian clubs is three with a match near Kosice. There Dnipro-1 plays with a representative of the championship of Switzerland, which is already a virus hit for today… but not before Switzerland. Free happening in Liechtenstein, the “princely club” shards represent the country itself – simply through the marriage of its championship, the championship is won by the Swiss football system.

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It is impossible to start the championship faster, lower than when you have won Dnipro-1. Chotiri matches – chotiri wins, zero omissions, just one win was not devastating, despite the fact that the free had a chance, zokrema, from Dynamo at a vizddi. And in the match against FC Lviv, it was similar that the coachmen’s subsections allowed themselves to save energy: first, Dovbik and Blanco were replaced until the end of the match, and in another way the guests simply did not force the under.

Vaduz, himself behind the thunder in the championship – anyway. The meat grinder at the Lisa Conference (the Liechtensteiners were embarrassed to go through three qualifying rounds, playing with Koper, Konyaspor and Vidensky Rapid) cost them a lot of money at the Challenge lizi: in nine rounds of the other Swiss division, the stench did the previous not conquered, but failed. Missed the “prince club” 20 times already; scoring, to the point, chimalo yak for an outsider (11) – but with a blast it’s instantly happy that an outsider scored more than one point out of nine rounds. Behind the fact, Vaduz seriously risks spending the first season in 20 years against the third division…

But best of all, what can you do before the match with Vaduz – push yourself to the limit. So the wine has been transferred to another division – you know who’s left? Xamaks, who was alive from the Dynamo European Cups, in the warehouse of which, in the eyes, the view of the stars rippled. For the third time in the Challenge-Lizzy, who Bellinzona herself, as if rocking the richly strong Dnipro; in the last place – Tun, for which no zayvih sl . is requirediv; the rest of our lizards were blamed on Tsyurich, a vino Shakhtar 4:0… Too often our clubs recognized defeat in the matches with the Swiss, so they threw their hats at the same time.

Behind the big fair, Vaduz’s status is rich in math history. Switzerland’s other league has a total of 10 teams – it’s not surprising that there are always many names in any other division. Last season Vaduz finished fourth in the Challenge League – so we can say that Switzerland’s 14th team is behind the class. For the rich, even the rich of the kraїn buti chotirnadtsyatim u003d free of the Vishchiy Lіzi.

To help Dnipro-1 see the head keeper at Vaduz. Benjamin Buhel, who earned an advantage in the previous European Cup match, and without it Zhion Shandu will have to win. Regardless of his rather advanced age (24 years), Vaduz’s reserve goalkeeper has no chance of winning – not the same in the European Cups, but on the equals of professional football.

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Valery Gorodovitrainer of Dnipro-1:

– Vaduz is a classic car at the European Cups. The stench is roaring around the Eurotournaments. Those who have gone through such commands, such as Konyaspor and Rapid, talk a lot about what. This is an ambitious, solid, qualified team, and we will be comfortable tomorrow. Ale mi demo step by step, and skin gra for us – dosvid. I’m sure we’ll have a warm shower tomorrow.

Alessandro Magnarati, Vaduz head coach:

– Looking forward to the first match of Dnipro-1 against Alkmaar, our superman is in good style. In the matches of the championship against Apollo Dnipro-1, the teams have more garniy combinative football, and even stronger in the bіldapі. I respect that Dnipro-1 has such a force behind it, just like Alkmaar. The stench plays similar football, if the attacking gravity can be a surprise. You like combo football with short passes in the middle. We’ll be ready for what. I explained to the team how the stench can be children, and we can have an idea how to fight against Dnipro-1. Let’s see, she’s good.

True, for such an analysis, Vaduz’s coach could not properly bring up the name Dovbik. Alessandro, who said, “I’m using the key grave #7, here it is, my name is Dovnik.” I think Artem was aware of this incident: he knows his game so well (six goals in the remaining five games), and similarly bad luck can motivate dodatkovo yoga.

Warehouse orientation

Dnipro-1: Valef – Adamyuk, Svatok, Sarapiy, Busanello – Gutsulyak, Babenko, Blanco – Pikhalyonok, Dovbik, Rubchinsky

Vaduz:Shand- Ulrich, Gasser, Traber, Izik, Gelser – hah, Dobras, Hasler-Sasere, Chichek

History of resistance

Well, Dnipro-1 will win the first European Cup season with Vaduz. Ale vzagali, the fact that the foal gave us the “prince club” is a good sign.

The duel against Liechtensteiners was one of the best European seasons in Dnipro’s history. Some of the “white-blacks” played more against Liechtensteiners, lower economically (two wins 1:0 each), and then in the offensive phase they beat and beat (3:0, 1:2) Hamburg itself, which was planted in the early season in the fourth month of the championship. They secured a win over Dynamo Zagreb (2:0, 1:1) – and battled Marseille, in the same single goal against Didier Drogba, and then from the penalty spot.

Behind it, for example, Dnipro engraved the team director of Dnipro-1 Andriy Rusol, and the same Valery Gorodov worked in the technical staff, who came to the press conference yesterday. Let’s hope this duel with Vaduz becomes the butt of a great path.

Vitaliy Pasichny,

Source: Football UA

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Conference League

Dnipro-1 coach: Idemo step by step, from match to match




Dnipro-1 coach Valeriy Gorodov spoke to the press ahead of the third round match of the Conference League group stage against Vaduz from Liechtenstein.

“Vaduz is an old-timer among the European cups. The stench of fate of the skin plays on the European tournaments. Those who stink have passed through such teams, as Konyaspor and Rapid, talk a lot about what. and skin gra for us є dosvіdom .

So some graves have a lot of money, but there’s still more for the game, so it’s better until Thursday.

As I said to Ruslan Babenko, we are able to win over the skin, and we go step by step, match by match.” — pіdsumuvav fahivets.

Let’s guess, the match Dnipro-1 – Vaduz will take place on Thursday, August 6, about 7:45 PM after the Kiev hour. An online broadcast of the match will be available on our website.

Source: Football UA

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Conference League

Babenko: Possibly the best phase of my career at the same time




Midfielder SC Dnipro-1 Ruslan Babenko vydpovіv at the feed of journalists before the match against Liechtenstein Vaduz in the third round of the League of Conferences.

Let’s guess, the last duel of “sports clubs” will be held on Thursday, July 13, around 10 p.m. before the Kiev hour.

“Of course the victory over Apollo is the first for us, the historic victory in European competitions. It raised our morale and we believed in ourselves.

We got to know each other from the thunder of Vaduz – this is such a fighting team. The superman is not easy even with the qualification of Vaduz Proyshov and the Austrian Rapid, and a good supernik from Turkey. They have two good central pivzakhisniks. It will be a difficult game for us, but we will be extremely generous to those who are smart enough to take three points.”

So Ruslan is looking forward to food, which is also going through a new football life at the same time.

“So it is possible, immediately the most beautiful stage of my career. I immediately play with the team from my own place. I try to enjoy the game and the skin training. I hope it will be that far.”

The 30-year-old Nasamkinets midfielder has explained what the team is asking to leave the group.

“So of course we are in the lead here, but for us the most important city always comes, and at the same time it doesn’t matter – in the European cups and in the championship. We are constantly in the next group” – podzumuvav Babenko.

Significantly, she defeated Dnipro-1 in the UPL Lviv (3:0) in the last match.

Source: Football UA

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