Manchester United head coach Eric ten Gag commented on the upcoming European League game against Cypriot Omonia.

“Tomorrow we will play against our best team, we have to create a team because competition is inevitable. Casemiro plays an important role, we know your journey, titles, such as winning victories, you can exercise your self-discipline in training today.

We took away the great impression by beating Arsenal and Liverpool, but now we see the reality after the defeat of Manchester City. I also thank you for the lesson, Pep and Siti.

So the coach of the most famous journalists is about Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo is unhappy that he hasn’t had a week. Don’t get me wrong. But there was no food. The food was in the same shape and in the same mood. When wine is gray, wine is happy.” don’t cry,” Fahivets says.

The match between Omoniye and Manchester United is on the sixth day of the week. Gris on the butt – about 19:45 before the Kiev hour.