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Third National

The map of national categories of Greek football for the 2022/23 season



After the conclusion of the draws between Lamia and Veria, the map of the national categories of Greek football for the next season has been finalized. See in detail the teams of the Super League Interwetten, Super League 2 and C’ Ethniki.

The 2021–22 season in Greek football ended with the conclusion of the playoffs between Lamia and Veria. The team from Fthiotida was the one who celebrated in the end and kept their place in Super League Interwetten, while the team from Imathia lost the fight and stayed in Super League 2.

This is how the Greek football map for the new season was born. A map that will feature a total of 120 teams, 44 of which will play at a professional level (40 excluding the four B teams playing in Super League 2).

Based on the current data, no changes in the format of the two professional categories are foreseen, however, there will be some changes in the Third National, as the 76 teams will be divided into four groups and promotion will be ensured by the champions.

That Sportish collected all the data and presented the situation. How the allegations are formulated, what applies to them in each case, but also which court decisions are still pending.

Superliga Interwetten

There will be no shaky changes in Greek football’s premier league. Apollon Smyrnis was relegated to Super League 2 and in his place returns -pro champion of the second category – Levadiakos.

Lamia was the big winner in the draws with Veria and stayed in Super League Interwetten after a 1-1 draw in the second game on Saturday, at the same time the team in Imathia will be in Super League 2 in the new year.

As far as Super League Interwetten is concerned, what is most interesting is what will happen with talk of restructuring. However, any decision made will affect the 2023/24 season. So far the data is valid that the teams will drive with the current format. A direct ascent/descent and a ticket judged by the locks.

The 14 teams of the Super League Interwetten:

  • Olympic
  • PAOK
  • Mars
  • Panathinaikos
  • AEK
  • PAS Giannina
  • Ionic
  • OFI
  • Asteras Tripoli
  • marble
  • Panetolikos
  • Fearless
  • ghoul
  • Levadic

super league 2

With four teams fewer than last year’s championship, this year’s Super League 2 takes place, 30 teams have the ticket for the new year in their hands, 25 of them last year.

Apollon Smyrnis, as mentioned above, was relegated to Super League 2 while four teams from the Third National were promoted to League Two. Panachaiki, Proodeftiki, Agrotikos Asteras and Makedonikos.

As for promotion, let us point out that there are two pending court cases open to upend the teams promotion in Super League 2. Makedonikos finished first in his group with an appeal against Kozani. The Thessaloniki team was acquitted in second instance before the EPO’s sports courts, with Kozani appealing to CAS and temporarily ‘winning’ the non-validation of the score while we await the final decision. An appeal from Pandramaikos against the confirmation of the 1st Group score of the Third National is pending.

As in the previous year, the new championship will be held with two groups of 15 teams each. Panathinaikos B’ will play in Group One (North) while Olympiakos B’ will play in Group Two (South) based on last year’s announcement.

your teams Super League 2:

  • Olympiacos B’
  • PAOK B’
  • AEK B’
  • Panathinaikos B’
  • veria
  • AEL
  • Blond
  • Victory of Volos
  • Renaissance of Karditsa
  • Hercules
  • Almopos Arideas
  • Apollon Pontou
  • Apollon Larissa
  • Θεσπρωτός
  • Panserraikos
  • Kalithea
  • Kalamata
  • Chania
  • Kifisia
  • diocese
  • egaleo
  • ergotelis
  • Herodotus
  • FROM Ierapetra
  • Diagoras
  • Apollo of Smyrna
  • Panacheiki
  • Agricultural Star
  • Progressive
  • Macedonian

Third nationality

The Third National Championship won’t quite remind you of last season. A total of 76 teams are eligible, they will be divided into four groups of 19 teams and the champion will advance to Super League 2. If they fail to register for the Oberliga, the promotion ticket will be awarded to the runner-up and if they also fail to advance, followed by the best runner-up from another group (and not the third-placed).

In terms of relegation, there are seven teams dropping out of each group, a number that goes down as fewer teams register. Of the 76 teams, only 44 played in the Third National Division last season.

Eight teams were relegated from last year’s Super League 2, while 24 teams from the EPS were in the Third National. Among the 44 remaining teams in this category are Ilioupoli, PAO Rouf and Iraklis Larissa, who won the championship but did not advance.

It should be noted that the case of Makedonikos and Kozani also affects a second place in the Third National, as Lefkimmi and Alexander the Great of Trikala, Imathia, were also involved in the litigation. Should Kozani be justified, Lefkimmi remains in the Third National.

The eight relegated Super League 2:

  • Πιερικός
  • kavala
  • Olympiacos Volos
  • tricala
  • Asteras Vlachioti
  • Karaiskaki’s Arta
  • Rhodes
  • Zant

The 44 teams that stayed in the category:

  • PAO Rouf
  • heliopolis
  • Heraklis by Larissa
  • pandramatic
  • Apollo Paralimniou
  • Aris Avatou
  • Thermaikos Thermis
  • National Sochos
  • Doxa drama
  • Kozani
  • GDP of Pontia Kozani
  • Edessaikos
  • M. Alexandros Trikalon Imathias
  • Saracen Storm
  • Poseidon Michanionas
  • ΑΟ Υπάτου
  • Elassona
  • Ambrysseas Distomou
  • Dimitra Efxenoupolis
  • Φήκη
  • National by New Tile
  • Tilikratis of Lefkada
  • A.O. Diavolitsiou
  • Acheron Kanalakiou
  • Nafpaktiakos Asteras
  • Panagriniakos
  • Αίας Γαστούνης
  • lamp
  • AS Santorini
  • Phoenix of New Epidaurus
  • SA of Mykonos
  • AE Ermionidas
  • Saint Hierotheos
  • National Piraeus
  • Paneleufsiniakos
  • Rafina Storm
  • Aeolian
  • AO Piliou Kos
  • keratini
  • Panionios
  • Saint Nicholas
  • resource
  • Yuchtas
  • Salty

The 24 teams that advanced from local championships to DG National:

  • Mars of St. Petersburg
  • Good Friday
  • AE Moshatu
  • Βύζας Μεγάρων
  • To mark
  • Βύρων Καβάλας
  • Panthraki
  • Καμπανιακός
  • Asteras Tripotamou
  • AO Haniotis
  • Σβορώνος
  • Asteras Petriti
  • Kastoria
  • Apollo of Parga
  • Macedonian foufa
  • Dotieas Agias
  • Digenis Neochori
  • APS Patras
  • panthuriacos
  • Paniliakos
  • Chalkida
  • Panargeiakos
  • A.O. Tympakiou
  • jalyssos

Source: sport 24

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Third National

The draw for the third and fourth stages of the Greek Cup




The draw of the third and fourth stages of the Greek Cup produced quite interesting duels. From the third phase, the games Niki Volos – Herakles, Apollon Smyrna – Kifisia and Aegaleo – Panserraikos stand out.

The draw for the third and fourth rounds of the Greek Cup was completed at the EPO offices and the Super League 2 teams also entered this stage.

Among the third round pairings, the matches between Niki Volos and Heraklis, Apollo Smyrni with Kifisia and Aegaleos with Panserraikos stand out. In the third round, three teams will win the qualifiers through the fourth without a match (one of them is Thesprotos), while 17 teams will win the qualifiers by matches.

From the fourth round, eight teams advance to the fifth round without a match and six teams through matches. Super League teams other than Olympiakos, PAOK, Ari and Panathinaikos enter the fifth round.

The third round pairings

  • Tilykratis Lefkada – FROM Ierapetras
  • PAOK Kristonis – Panthrakikos / PO Alexandroupoli
  • Veria-Chania
  • Heracles – Victory of Volos
  • Macedonian – Rebirth of Karditsa
  • Aris Voulas or Nea Artaki / Nafpaktiakos Asteras – AEL
  • Asteras Stavrou / Vataniakos – Almopos Aridaias
  • Byron Kavala / PO Fikis – Panachaiki
  • Kalamata – Progressive
  • Apollo Smyrni-Kifissia
  • Diagoras-Apollon Pontou
  • Aigaleo-Panseraikos
  • Agios Nikolaos – Episkopi
  • Almyros / Apollon Evpaliou – AEP Kozani / Elassona
  • Ilioupoli / Ermis Meligous – Kallithea
  • Ionikos Ionias – AER Afantou / Diagoras Vrachneikos
  • Apollo Larissa-Ergotelis

Advance to the fourth round without a match

  • PAO Vardas – Panelessiniakos
  • Asteras Petritis – Apollon Paralimniou
  • Thesprotos

Pairings in the fourth round

  • Tilykratis / FROM Ierapetra – Apollo Smyrni / Kifissia
  • Thesprotos – Veria / Chania
  • Macedonian / Renaissance of Karditsa – Diagoras / Apollon Pontos
  • Apollon Larissa / Ergotelis – Ilioupoli / Ermis Meligous – Kallithea
  • Heraklis / Niki Volos – Agios Nikolaos / Episkopi
  • Almyros or Apollon Evpalio / AEP Kozani or Elassona – PAOK Kristoni / Panthrakikos or Alexandroupoli

* In the event that an EPS Cup winner qualifies, they will automatically play a Super League 2 team at home

Advance to the fifth round without a match

  • Byron Kavala / PO Fikis – Panachaiki
  • Aris Voulas or Nea Artaki / Nafpaktiakos Asteras – AEL
  • Aigaleo-Panseraikos
  • Ionian Ionia – AER Afandou / Diagoras Vrachneikos
  • PAO Vardas – Panelessiniakos
  • Kalamata – Progressive
  • Asteras Petritis – Apollon Paralimniou
  • Astir Stavrou / Vataniakos – Almopos Aridaias

Source: sport 24

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Third National

The full composition of the EPA Executive Committee, on October 2nd, the start of the 3rd National




The EPO announced the full composition of the federation’s Executive Committee as formed during Thursday’s (11/8) meeting, while announcing that the 3rd National Championship is scheduled to start on 2 October.

The EPA announced the full composition of the Federation Executive Committee while also announcing that the 3rd National Championship will begin on October 2nd.

The announcement in detail:

“The Executive Committee of the Hellenic Football Union made the following decisions during today’s session.

– Pursuant to Article 33(9) of the EPO Statutes, the Deputy President, First Vice-President and Treasurer were elected. After a secret ballot in the offices, the following were elected:

Vice-Chairman: Panagiotis Dimitriou (12 votes by 12 voters).

1st Vice-President: Stergios Antoniou (12 votes by 12 voters).

Treasurer: Clearchos Tzaferis (12 votes by 12 voters).

Accordingly, the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the EPO is composed as follows:

President: Panagiotis Baltakos

Vice-President: Panagiotis Dimitriou

First Vice President: Stergios Antoniou

Second Vice President: Evangelos Marinakis

Treasurer: Clearchos Tzaferis

– The draw for the 1st phase of the Greek Cup, in which the associations’ cup-winning teams participate, will take place on 19 August 2022.

– The start of the 3rd National Championship is scheduled for October 2, 2022.

Source: sport 24

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Third National

The appeals of Pandaramaikos and Orfea Xanthi are granted, the validation of the standings of the 1st group of the 3rd national team is revoked




Pandaramaikos and Orpheas Xanthis were upheld in the Arbitration Court for their appeal against the validation of the placement in the first group of the 3rd National League, therefore Agrotikos Asteras’ participation in the special promotion league to Super League 2 is considered “invalid”.

THE Pandramatic and Orpheus Puma Xanthi They had appealed against the decision to validate the score in the first group of the 3rd national team and the tribunal upheld it. With this decision, his participation is considered invalid Agricultural star in the special league for promotion to Super League 2, which was eventually won by the Evosmos team.

The complaint was made because Agrotikos Asteras had not been entered in the GGA sports register in good time. This particular decision creates a “judgment” and can open Aeolo’s pocket to other identical grievances. This decision can only be reversed at the CAS.

This question affects the EPO, which has to make decisions about what to do to validate the rating not only of the first but also of the second group. There is also the case of the second group between Makedonikos and Kozani who reached the CAS. The Supreme Sports Court found the West Macedonia team “morally” right, but the final decision remains with the EPO as it did not return the points.

The EPO’s announcement in detail: At its last session, the Football Arbitration Board made the following decisions.

She accepted by a majority the motion No. 13287/17-05-2022 of the Sports Federation named “PANDRAMAIKOS ATHLETIKOS OMILOS DRAMA”. Annulment of the decision of the EPA Organizing Committee for Football Matches of 05/12/2022, ratified by the decision of the EPA Emergency Committee of 05/12/2022, regarding the validation of the ranking of the first group (1st group) of the Panhellenic Championship of the 3rd National League of Football season 2021-2022.

She has accepted the application no. 13310/17-05-2022 of the sports federation with the name “ORFEAS PUMA XANTHIS” by majority. Annulment of Decision No. 35/12-05-2022 of the Organizing Committee for Football Matches of the EPO, ratified by the decision of the Committee for Extraordinary Affairs of the EPO First Group (1st Group) of the Panhellenic Championship of the 3rd National League of the football season 2021-2022.

Source: sport 24

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