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Third National

The appeals of Pandaramaikos and Orfea Xanthi are granted, the validation of the standings of the 1st group of the 3rd national team is revoked



Pandaramaikos and Orpheas Xanthis were upheld in the Arbitration Court for their appeal against the validation of the placement in the first group of the 3rd National League, therefore Agrotikos Asteras’ participation in the special promotion league to Super League 2 is considered “invalid”.

THE Pandramatic and Orpheus Puma Xanthi They had appealed against the decision to validate the score in the first group of the 3rd national team and the tribunal upheld it. With this decision, his participation is considered invalid Agricultural star in the special league for promotion to Super League 2, which was eventually won by the Evosmos team.

The complaint was made because Agrotikos Asteras had not been entered in the GGA sports register in good time. This particular decision creates a “judgment” and can open Aeolo’s pocket to other identical grievances. This decision can only be reversed at the CAS.

This question affects the EPO, which has to make decisions about what to do to validate the rating not only of the first but also of the second group. There is also the case of the second group between Makedonikos and Kozani who reached the CAS. The Supreme Sports Court found the West Macedonia team “morally” right, but the final decision remains with the EPO as it did not return the points.

The EPO’s announcement in detail: At its last session, the Football Arbitration Board made the following decisions.

She accepted by a majority the motion No. 13287/17-05-2022 of the Sports Federation named “PANDRAMAIKOS ATHLETIKOS OMILOS DRAMA”. Annulment of the decision of the EPA Organizing Committee for Football Matches of 05/12/2022, ratified by the decision of the EPA Emergency Committee of 05/12/2022, regarding the validation of the ranking of the first group (1st group) of the Panhellenic Championship of the 3rd National League of Football season 2021-2022.

She has accepted the application no. 13310/17-05-2022 of the sports federation with the name “ORFEAS PUMA XANTHIS” by majority. Annulment of Decision No. 35/12-05-2022 of the Organizing Committee for Football Matches of the EPO, ratified by the decision of the Committee for Extraordinary Affairs of the EPO First Group (1st Group) of the Panhellenic Championship of the 3rd National League of the football season 2021-2022.

Source: sport 24

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Third National

Serious complaints from Antoine Lemarie about the conditions he encountered in Panileiakos




French soccer player Antoine Lemarie complained very seriously about the conditions he said he had encountered at the Panileiakos.

French soccer player Antoine Lemarie complained very seriously about the conditions he said he had encountered at the Panileiakos. He speaks of physical attacks, among other things, when he asked for a piece of paper to leave, he said that he had not received the promised money and that the house they had given him was in poor condition.

Lemari’s complaint in detail:

“Three weeks ago I received a message from “FokomSportsManagement” (he blocked me, that’s why I can’t tag him, but you can easily find him). He made me an offer to compete in the 3rd division of the greek league, in Panileiakos I was looking for a group so it seemed interesting to me to go and so it happened The offer was: air fare paid by the manager, 1,000 per month, food, accommodation and a guarantee that I will receive my money regularly .

It was agreed that I would receive two months’ wages upon my arrival. Unfortunately none of that happened. First of all, the day before my arrival, Fokom told me that they couldn’t pay for my plane ticket after all. I had packed all my things and was ready to go. In order not to cancel my entire contract for one ticket, I made a deal with Fokom. I would pay for my flight but they would deduct it from the 500 euro commission we agreed for me.

When I finally got there, the apartment they gave me was disgusting (dead cockroaches in the closets, dirt in the toilet, hair in the bathroom, dirt next to the bed). As for the food, I was told that the group only provided one meal per day at a local restaurant.

Regarding the salary, I was told that I would have to wait until my previous team sent them all the papers to get it. I told Fokom everything and he replied: “Be patient, you will get your money”.

The next day, I learned from the other foreigners in the group that they had not received their salaries. One of them left during the week for obvious reasons. After all that, I thought this opportunity wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

When I told all this to Fokom he told me not to listen to the other players and that I will get my money. Four days after I arrived we had a match and I still hadn’t received my money.

Just before the cross, the coach came and told me that all my cards had arrived and that I could play. Together with the president, they told me that everything would be settled the next day. I shouldn’t play in the game because I think I don’t have my money but I love football and I agreed to play.

When I was substituted on during the game, the chairman physically assaulted another foreign player and his cheerleader in the locker room. He went as fast as he could and is now in shock in his own country.

Money wasn’t an issue at that point, it was clear I wanted out. When I finally got a chance to speak to the President I said I didn’t want any money, I just wanted them to sign a document to get fired from the club. He didn’t accept it. But this document was necessary to be able to play in any other team in Greece, so the next day I insisted again. I was ready to go, just waiting for his signature. I sent several messages to management but they ignored me.

But yesterday morning the president came to my apartment with the athletic director to get the keys. I asked her again to sign my document. They didn’t want to pay me, so at least they could let me play somewhere else. But this time I was the one who was physically attacked.

The President grabbed my neck, threw me against a fence, and tried to get my keys out of my pocket. At that moment his bodyguard appeared from the side, apparently hiding somewhere because I had never seen him before. Three men against me. I had no choice but to turn in the keys if I didn’t want to get hit. The President finally let me go, I went to the apartment to pack my things and left town as soon as I could. Without the signature, of course, which I needed.

I was and still am so shocked by what happened. When I spoke to Fokom they told me it was my fault because I was impatient with the money and that I should never have played the game like that was the biggest problem. Of course nobody offered to pay for my return tickets. Somehow, after everything that happened, I would have to pay 550 euros in tickets alone.

By spreading this story, I want to make sure that there is no other footballer working with Fokom who treats footballers like a piece of meat and doesn’t care about their safety. I also need to let everyone know what is happening at Panileiakos. This club is dangerous. The people running the team are dangerous. I’ll be posting a YouTube video about this story soon, I have proof of everything I’m saying here.

Please share this post to prevent others from collaborating with Fokom and Panileiakos.

Thank you, Antoine Lemarie.”

Source: sport 24

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Third National

Delven Endinga from the Greek champions in Poros of the 3rd national team




Delven Ediga returns to Greece after his spells with Olympiakos and Panaitolikos to wear Poros’ shirt in the 3rd national team.

THE Delvene Ediga will compete in a third team in Greece, but initially with amateur status. THE resource managed to get him into their team, as revealed by 3rd national team president Yiannis Assargiotakis on social media.

“I have the tremendous pleasure of announcing an incredible transfer from France to the friends of the Poros team. Ediga is our player from today.” he wrote characteristically.

The 34-year-old midfielder was in Greece from 2013 to 2015 on his two-year loan from Monaco to Olympiakos and then to Panaitolikos in 2021. With Piraeus he won two championships and one cup.

The French footballer has also played for Auxerre, Lokomotiv Moscow, Sivasspor and Antalyaspor.

Source: sport 24

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Third National

Fotis Koutzavasilis on Sportish: “Apollo Paralimni’s journey is like a fairy tale, I hope other teams can achieve it”




Fotis Koutzavasilis spoke to Sportish about the historic success of Apollon Paralimni, who qualified for the “8” of the Greek Novibet Cup and became the first team from the amateur category to play at this stage of the institution.

His story Apollo of Paralimni the Novibet Hellenic Cup continues as the team from Serres managed to qualify for the “8” of the competition.

In fact, she managed to make history by becoming the first team to reach the quarter-finals of the Novibet Hellenic Cup at amateur level. Now it’s time for Apollon Paralimniou to take on a top-flight team, Lamia, with whom he just needs to make wins.

THE Fotis Koutzavasilis He was the ‘guardian angel’ of Nikos Karabetakis’ side in the historic game against Agios Nikolaos and made his debut with the team. The 33-year-old goalkeeper speaks Sportish about the triumph of the Apollo Paralimni team, what he experienced there as a “rookie” and the goals of the team.

Interview with Thomas Tzouvara

How did it feel to combine your debut with this historic achievement?

Yes, it was the first game I could play. It was a very nice feeling, very nice that your debut comes with something nice, a win, because basically we’re playing for it. It was nice because I could put my little rock in something nice that the kids started a long time ago and that the whole organization of Apollo Paralimnio wanted to make happen.

How did you decide to continue at Apollon and was the team’s progress in the cup an additional motivation?

Additional motivation is the team and how it works. I have known the team for many years through my brother, he has been playing there for a long time. It’s a healthy environment that Greek football needs. I didn’t think about it for a moment. I wanted to be in a healthy environment in the last years of my career and because Greek football has been going downhill.

The organization of Apollo Paralimni has nothing to envy to the 2/3 of the Super League

What has brought Apollon the constant run and the great run in the cup in recent years?

The Team What I have seen in these ten days and was very impressed is the organization that is in place. He currently has nothing to envy 2/3 of Super League 2. Footballers like to work in this environment and that’s why I think the team is doing well, not only this year but also in recent years.

How does it feel to be the first amateur team to get an 8?

It’s something very important for the team and we talked about it before the game. By completing this game and getting the qualification, you are essentially making history. I hope other teams can do the same. We saw it at the cups abroad and said “what a beautiful thing”. Small groups make the surprises and we liked that. At least for us football romantics. Whichever team qualifies would make history. We were glad we did.

The series with Agios Nikolaos showed that the two teams are equal, they played nice football and showed that they belong to a higher level. Do you have a picture of the first game and how did you feel about the second leg?

Of course I also have a picture of the first game. Both teams were very good, with good football in both games. In fact, the quality of both teams was good. Both teams have shown that they can compete in Super League 2. Two open games and both wanted qualification. Those who watched both games were glad they took the time.

Would you compare this course to a fairy tale?

If we look at the story of how the group started in a small village in Serres, I don’t know if the people who started this group expected this to happen after so many years. It’s definitely a fairy tale. Everyone likes these stories. We are proud. First of all the guys who started this course and then myself who managed to achieve something so big in such a place with people who love this place.

How did the villagers take the historical achievement?

Apollon Paralimniou can look back on a long-standing presence in the third national team. Not only the village, but all of Serrai football supports us. Everyone was happy. It was a big day for the Serres Prefecture. Panserraikos also qualified so everyone was happy. Serres Prefecture is a football prefecture, it has produced great players and great achievements.

Next opponent is Lamia. What do you think of these games?

Two games. Let’s have fun, let’s have fun, that’s our reasoning. We don’t know if we can continue. They are different quality, different sizes. It’s nice for the newcomers to get these shows. It’s two 90 minutes. Whatever happens. If something good comes, we will be fine, if not, we will emerge victorious again. We can only have profit.

We’d like a bigger team, but playing Lamia is no small feat

If you had the chance, would you rather play against a bigger opponent?

If we asked everyone on the team, not just me, they would choose a bigger team. Let’s live it even more. To gain even more experience. I think we’d go for this one, but okay, and what’s going on is no small matter. Lamia is a Super League team and has been playing at the highest level for years. So it’s ok.

Phase from the game AOAN - Apollon Parlimniou with Fotis Koutzavasilis as the protagonist

What do you think about your future and what is Apollo Paralimni’s aim for this season?

In my remaining years I want to enjoy football. I see a Greek football essentially non-existent. A Super League and chaos from there. I want to enjoy soccer and if I stop seeing what I’m going to do, will I continue playing soccer or not.

However, Apollo’s goals are not clear either. he wants nHe takes part in every game and wins it. In addition, in terms of the long-term goal, victory is what counts. If they win all the games, promotion will definitely come. That is the clear goal of the group and in the end the cash register is made.

You talked a lot about problems in Greek football. Would you like to go into that a little more?

I think it’s clear. Super League 2 is a league tormented a thousand times and it just keeps getting worse. There can be many reasons, it can be due to some. The thing is, nothing seems to be changing on the horizon. It’s a shame for Greek football. The second and third national teams are his nursery. There are few Greeks in the Super League. Unfortunately, there are very few teams that can do anything in the 2nd Bundesliga. Everyone else has problems. Many children are unpaid and we are getting worse and worse.

Source: sport 24

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