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Third National

The full composition of the EPA Executive Committee, on October 2nd, the start of the 3rd National



The EPO announced the full composition of the federation’s Executive Committee as formed during Thursday’s (11/8) meeting, while announcing that the 3rd National Championship is scheduled to start on 2 October.

The EPA announced the full composition of the Federation Executive Committee while also announcing that the 3rd National Championship will begin on October 2nd.

The announcement in detail:

“The Executive Committee of the Hellenic Football Union made the following decisions during today’s session.

– Pursuant to Article 33(9) of the EPO Statutes, the Deputy President, First Vice-President and Treasurer were elected. After a secret ballot in the offices, the following were elected:

Vice-Chairman: Panagiotis Dimitriou (12 votes by 12 voters).

1st Vice-President: Stergios Antoniou (12 votes by 12 voters).

Treasurer: Clearchos Tzaferis (12 votes by 12 voters).

Accordingly, the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the EPO is composed as follows:

President: Panagiotis Baltakos

Vice-President: Panagiotis Dimitriou

First Vice President: Stergios Antoniou

Second Vice President: Evangelos Marinakis

Treasurer: Clearchos Tzaferis

– The draw for the 1st phase of the Greek Cup, in which the associations’ cup-winning teams participate, will take place on 19 August 2022.

– The start of the 3rd National Championship is scheduled for October 2, 2022.

Source: sport 24

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Third National

Paneiyalios denounced a violent attack by people from Rhodes




With his announcement, Paneiyalios condemned the attack that the group’s mission received from people from the AS administration. Rhodes as part of the 5th matchday of the 3rd group of the 3rd national team.

There was talk of a “violent attack” and “criminal behavior” by the people of Rhodes Paneigialios in his announcement during the 5th matchday of the 3rd group of the 3rd national team.

The announcement of the Panegialeion in detail:

Paneiyalios GS finds itself in the uncomfortable position of having to publicize and condemn the cowardly attack that our group’s mission received from people from the administration of AS. Rhodes, including the president of the club, after the end of the AS Rhodes-Panaigialios GS game on the 5th matchday of the 3rd group of the 3rd national team.

Your violent attack and the criminal behavior of the administrators of AS Rhodes, which resulted in the injury of our general team leader Giannis Georgiadis, should not and will not go unpunished. It is worth noting that, in addition to our team, the game’s referee trio was also manhandled in their attempt to get into the locker room of the municipal stadium at the end of the game.

The Rhodes managers did not accept the final draw (1:1) within the four lines and wanted to take the law into their own hands. They brazenly took advantage of the unjustified absence of police officers and entered the locker room after the end of the game to initially intimidate the trio of referees. And as if that were not enough, they transferred their anger to Paneialios and the men of his mission for no reason or reason and attacked with violence.

In other words, they committed violence against the team that had been asked to host them twice last season so that the Rhodes team could train at the municipal stadium of Aegio on the eve of their games with teams from Ilia and Achaia. In other words, they committed violence against the team that was doing its best to host the Rhodes team in Agios.

In other words, they committed violence against a member of the Panegialeio administration, even though the President of Rhodes and the members accompanying the mission had received the best hospitality from the members of our administration last year. We will not say that this whole scene of terrorism that they have set up against our team is a “shame” for the perpetrators of Rhodes, because they will not understand the meaning of the word.

However, we would like to remind you that the right clubs and the right administrations show their superiority on the pitch and in the hospitality they show opposing teams. I’m sorry to have to prove that you’re not getting better…

We are sorry for not sitting down to ensure our physical integrity…

I’m sorry for proving to you that Paneiyaleios can play against you in your stadium…

I’m sorry that despite your request, we received you perfectly, even twice…

We inform you that Paneiyalios GS will take all appropriate measures so that the above-mentioned criminal behavior does not go unpunished.”

Source: sport 24

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Third National

Ethnikis will take over its headquarters in SEF from January




Ethnikis will play in its own stadium in SEF from January, as the contract was signed between the municipality, the stadium management and also with the team.

Ethnikos has acquired its football home as it will play at the SEF football stadium from January 1, 2024. The agreement was signed between the mayor of Piraeus, the president of the SEF, the state and Ethnikos.

The mayor of Piraeus, Yiannis Moralis, emphasized in his speech: Today is a pleasant day with good news for the national football team, which will receive its own headquarters in the SEF in order to be able to compete in its city from January 1, 2024 and not be forced to go to the sports fields of other municipalities. It was a request from Ethnikos to compete at the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

In this context, we have initiated the necessary measures with the President of SEF. and OPAN and today we signed the concession for the 11×11 field to the Municipality of Piraeus so that we can proceed with the construction of a 1500-seat stand and operational interventions so that the national team can compete in the best possible conditions. Our goal is of course for Ethnikis to acquire a modern sports facility in Schistos.

Ownership still needs to be resolved moving forward and I believe we will have good news with Schistos in 2024. At the same time, the remaining teams trained as before in the SEF stadium. It is a good synergy between four parties, the Municipality of Piraeus, OPAN, SEF and Ethnikos and I would like to thank her

President of SEF Christina Tsiligiri for our friendly cooperation. It is a start to solving this problem that has plagued Ethnikos for 19 to 20 years. As a city administration, we will always be close to the clubs in our city and will do our best to help find sports facilities and of course to create new sports infrastructure“.

The President of SEF Christina Tsiligiri emphasized in her speech: From its inception, the Stadium of Peace and Friendship has aimed to actively contribute to the development of the wider Piraeus area.

Through this process, SEF As a side quest, it entails self-improvement and a long process of healing from wounds and bad memories. After all, the country’s stadiums are in the spotlight these days. As an administration of the SEF, we have put sport at the forefront in recent years, with various activities taking place in our facilities.

In implementing our master plan, we place great emphasis on modernizing our stadium with changes that enable the transition to a new digital and at the same time environmentally friendly reality. The 11×11 football field in the area surrounding the Peace and Friendship Stadium is a valuable asset of our organization, which we have been renting to the municipality of Piraeus for several years with the aim of supporting the region’s football teams but also promoting the sporting ideal. It is one of the final touches on the canvas of our interventions.
The Municipality of Piraeus, in collaboration with SEF and OPAN They will take all the necessary measures in the near future so that the football field can be declared the official headquarters of the Piraeus national team. Finally, I would like to thank the Mayor of Piraeus, Yiannis Moralis, with whom we have a great partnership

The President of the Organization for Culture, Sports and Youth, Iosif Vourakis, emphasized, among other things: Some things don’t happen when you try, but they do when too many people try. In this particular case, it was the mayor’s instruction to proceed with this project.

We worked with Ms. Athina Glykas, without whom we would not have done anything without the finance department. If the President of the 3rd Municipality, Charalambos Liakostavros, had not been by our side for the last four years, we would not have been able to maintain this stadium.

It will now be a professional stadium that will serve all teams and those who train and play their games, as well as the national team, which will now compete at home in Piraeus.

Therefore, Ethnikos’ request for a headquarters in Piraeus is an obligation for us to find it. We found her. Late; Possibly. What matters is that we did it.

The most important thing is to get started. And you know very well that with the city administration, both in the first five years in which I did not participate and in the second in which I did participate, we reach the end when the beginning is made“.

President of the National OFPF Yannis Patlakas noted: Ethnikis turns 100 this year. We are very pleased that “water is now coming into the groove”. We think we’re going to do a lot of things. The city administration is always by our side, as is the administration of SEF in everything we asked for. Everything is done methodically and correctly. Thank you very much and keep it up“.

Source: sport 24

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Third National

The EPO congratulates referee Argyris Katsini for saving the life of a football player




The EPO congratulated Argyris Katsini, whose intervention saved the life of a footballer in the Ellopiakos – Atromitos Piraeus match in the 3rd National League.

The referee of the Ellopiakos – Atromitos Piraeus match and the doctors managed to save the life of a football player in a national C team match. In its announcement, the EPA congratulated Argyris Katsikis for its rapid and life-saving assistance.

The EPA announcement in detail:

“EPO and KED/EPO congratulate referee Argyris Katsini of EPS Eastern Attica, whose timely intervention saved the life of a footballer in the Ellopiakos – Atromitos Piraeus match on the 2nd matchday of the 4th group of the 3rd National Championship.

The referee in charge noticed the serious injury of a football player in time and immediately rushed to help, which saved the player’s life. This incident shows the human side of the referee officials, but also their training and makes us all proud. KED will reward the referee in the near future.”

Source: sport 24

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