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Isidor Esteve will race the winning Toyota Hilux T1+ at Dakar 2022.



Isidore Esteve change the vehicle. Lleida’s pilot morocco rally –at the end of next week– Toyota Hilux T1+very similar to the final winner Dakar Rally (Only the engine changes), exactly the same as the tertiary classification. In this car Repsol Toyota Rally Team Compete face-to-face with the new elite of Specialties in the world’s toughest competition. Repsol’s commitment to continuing fuel and lubricant development on the most demanding test bench goes one step further.

“We are participating in the most competitive T1+ category in Dakar, with one of the 50 highest level cars in the event. says Esteve himself.

Participated in Dakar’s most competitive T1+ category and was one of the top 50 cars to be held at the event

Isidore Esteve

With the accumulated Dakarian experience, especially in 2022, Repsol Toyota Rally Team As Esteve points out, betting on the T1+ category says: We had to get one of these units if we wanted to continue to grow and stay competitive, and we’ve done it. It confirms that it is a target. Now we can take half the risk of last year and do more. ”

The Toyota Hilux T1+ is the perfect machine for the world’s toughest competition. The big leap from the model we used in January is in the tire, which is your point of contact with the ground. Its four wheels have grown significantly, now 14 cm in diameter and an additional 7 inches wide, and are mounted on rims that have increased in diameter from 16 to 17 inches. This improvement along with increased suspension travel (from 275mm to 350mm) minimizes the risk of punctures on broken or rocky surfaces. Chema VillaloboOstensibly paces the special.

Repsol Toyota Rally Team’s modified Hilux T1+

of Hilux T1+ of the Repsol Toyota Rally Team It also incorporates significant improvements in the dynamic chapter, thanks to a more central placement of the engine and adjacent elements (gearbox, tank, two spare wheels, etc.) and an overall width increase of 24 cm. I’m here. Driving stability is outstanding. The responsibility of animating the whole thing falls into the hands of his 5-litre V8 naturally aspirated petrol engine capable of producing 350 horsepower and 560 Nm of peak torque.

The service record of the Toyota Hilux T1+ at Dakar is impeccable.Presided over, of course, by absolute victory in the 2022 edition of NAssel al-Attiyah and third place Yazid Alrajadding to its success, the presence of another four twin models in the top ten of the final classification, making Japanese vehicles the most reliable in the competition.

Isidore Esteve world Chema Villalobos They will begin their journey with the new mount next week in testing in North Africa. The team’s competitive debut will take place on Saturday 1 October at the Morocco Rally with new support from Repsol, MGS Seguros, KH-7 and Toyota. Toyota Gazoo Racing Spain.

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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The team fired the mechanic who beat the motorcycle racer during the Grand Prix




A Moto3 racing team mechanic has been sacked after a video appeared on social media showing him beating up British motorcycle racer Tom Booth-Amos during the 2019 Thai Grand Prix, MotoGP said.

In a footage leaked last week, the head mechanic of the Moto3 team argues with a rider and then kicks him repeatedly. The video received wide publicity on social media.

— It became known that the person in question continues to work in the paddock in another team that did not know about this incident. The team decided to fire this employee, who will not return to work after the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Abusive behavior should not and will not be tolerated. All parties will continue to work to make the MotoGP paddock the safest working environment possible.

The Malaysian Grand Prix MotoGP and junior series of road racing will be held from 21 to 23 October.

    Source: Sportbox

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    Ferrari and Mercedes were wrong. Red Bull won’t be penalized for spending ceiling




    According to media reports, Formula 1 was unable to find a significant excess of the spending ceiling set at $145 million per season for the series last season.

    In recent weeks, Mercedes and Ferrari have begun to actively accuse Red Bull that the Bulls have significantly exceeded the spending ceiling for the end of 2021 and should be penalized.

    However, after examining the payrolls of all teams, F-1 issued a decision that no one had committed serious violations. On Wednesday, all teams must receive a certificate that they have managed to invest the budget.

    If an F1 team exceeds the spending limit by 5%, it will face a loss of Constructors’ Championship points as well as fines.

    Red Bull dominated F-1 in the first season after new technical regulations came into effect. Team drivers Max Verstappen and the Bulls can secure driver and team titles after the Japanese Grand Prix.

    Source: Sport UA

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    Honda is coming back for Suzuka and maybe for the whole decade




    Ten months after Honda retired from Formula One, its badge returns to the nose and tail of Red Bull and Alpha Tauri for this three-day Japanese GP and the remaining 4 GPs of the season – but possibly for years to come. Even after 2026.

    Honda’s three-year official factory engine supply to Red Bull Racing, the started 2019 and ended with Max Verstappen’s title at the episodic Abu Dhabi GP in 2021 – but now, after RBR’s “failure” talks with Porsche over the In 2026, the return of the Japanese to the Milton Keynes team was agreed.

    It starts with Honda’s home race – and track – at Suzuka Japan offers a particularly suitable setting for the team over the next three days (October 7-9). celebrates Max Verstappen’s second championship title in a row. The Honda decals They will appear again on the two Red Bull RB22 and the two Alpha Tauri AT03.

    The Honda badge remains on the cars (on the nose and on the engine cover) and in the next 4 GPs until the end of this racing year, and on November 27th he will followed by the “HRC Thanks Day” celebratory event, during which the four drivers from the two Red Bull teams. Sergio Perez takes over from these November Ambassador role for the Young Drivers Academy Honda Racing School (HRS).

    “Our common goal is to provide dominant engines and ensure the maximum great success over the next three years,” said RBR Managing Director Christian Horner. which means the collaboration will continue until the end of 2025. towards There are currently no official announcements.

    But that’s just the beginning. Red Bull Racing bosses reportedly held talks yesterday (Tuesday 10/4) in Tokyo with Honda Racing (HRC) management meetings to formalize – and even continue – their partnership for years to come in 2026 and beyond.

    2026 is, and will be, a pivotal year for manufacturers in F1 Implementation of the new Power Plant Ordinance – which put more emphasis on it its hybrid and therefore electric aspect, directly parallel to the Gorga Progressive electrification of production cars.

    Honda pulled out in late 2021 to devote all of its resources to development Zero emission technology of its production cars, but the regulations of 2026 to transfer the technology of -already hybrid- engines in this direction, to make the sport more attractive to automakers – both technologically and in the marketing aspect.

    For now, the content of yesterday’s talks between RBR and HRC in Tokyo. In the scenario of both sides working together and beyond 2026, there is also the Parameters of Red Bull Powertrains, the new engine plant in which Red is investing Bull from last year, which Honda told her would be leaving in late 2021.

    Red Bull wants to make RBPowetrains a new engine manufacturer in 2026 Enjoy the privileges that the FIA ​​​​will offer to their new engine manufacturers that year – Audis for now, while Porsche reconsiders its thoughts, as it is rumored it could work with McLaren.

    ISTANBUL, TURKEY - NOVEMBER 15: A detail shot of dirt on the car of Alexander Albon of Thailand and Red Bull Racing after F1 Grand Prix of Turkey at Intercity Istanbul Park on November 15, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

    In addition, the engines of Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri will run until the end of 2025 will be manufactured by HRC in Japan, both sides announced last year Spring. Red Bull would pay the Japanese company for these services Maybe that will change when there’s the – very likely – full Honda factory return in Formula 1, at least until the end of 2025.

    In fact, the rewarming conditions are rumored to have the cooperation of the two sides agreed between them for months, and that yesterday’s meeting in Tokyo was more “Etiquette”, and served to find a gentle and gradual way Announcing Honda’s return to F1 just 10 months after his exit.

    For 2026 and beyond, no one can know the plans of the two sides, but there is speculation the “golden ratio” of Honda’s coexistence with Red Bull Powertrains was found. Most likely The scenario heard calls for RBP to handle the design and construction of the thermals V6 turbo engine at its new factory in Milton Keynes.

    And Honda will design, develop and build all -new- in Japan Hybrid system that will incorporate the MGU-K electric motor based on 2026 regulations – will be 50% more efficient (that others no longer have MGU-H electric motor) and will only use 100% biofuels.

    So everyone is happy: Red Bull justifies its investment Own engine production by RBPowertrains in Milton Keynes and the Honda will quickly gain a reputation for developing new engine technologies Liaison with the marketing department of its commercial vehicles.

    At the Tokyo meeting, these talks were reported to have been particularly positive, and it even sounds as if there is already a preliminary contract that includes the conditions that the cooperation will work beyond 2025. However, the very important one remains Approval of these plans by Honda’s Board of Directors.

    However, there are some obstacles to achieving this: They concern the level of his involvement HRC, the financial budget, but also how Honda will justify publicly announced her return to F1 just two years after announcing she would retired from the sport at the end of 2021.

    However, HRC appreciates Honda’s involvement in the development of flagship hybrids Technologies from F1 will have a direct correlation and impact with its general activity Company in the research and development of electrification technologies for series vehicles She. Consequently, any formalization of Honda’s long-awaited return to F1 will be the case need some more time.

    Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool

    Source: sport 24

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