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Greece 0-3 Bosnia: Defeat with no effect on EURO qualification



Greece were defeated 3-0 by Bosnia in Mikra, having already advanced to the final stages of Euro 2023.

The unbeaten streak of the Greek national team in the Eurovolley 2023 qualifying process ended at the indoor stadium in Mikras. Bosnia, desperate to win to qualify for the finals (which Greece had reached since last Wednesday), avenged their defeat in Sarajevo by sealing their own ticket.

In the first set, the Greek team fell behind from the start (1-4), while Bosnia controlled the game (5-9, 9-12) to equalize 14-14 and take the lead for the first time with 17 – 16 thanks two aces in a row by Vlahaki. Bosnia took the lead again with an ace from Radickovic that generally spoiled our reception to 18-17, 18-21 without being able to create a second upset.

In the second set, 4-3 became 4-6 in our favor, with Bosnia putting up a terrible defense and stopping the counterattacks, and at this point first referee Bruno Muho (Croatia) was feeling uneasy and a referee change ensued as a result. When the game resumed, Bosnia escaped 6-10 and if we reduce it to 11-12 and 13-14, but there we again had trouble receiving at 13-18. The Greek team somehow made the difference (17-20), getting closer to 22-24, but the set went to Bosnia.

The same picture in the third set, where 3-1 (with 2 aces from Strandzali) became 3-7 and a little later 4-9, with our team trying and the difference fluctuating between 2-4 points (13-16, 15- 17, 16-20) to reach the final 20-25

Sets: 0-3 (21-25, 20-25, 22-25) in 82′

*Greece’s points come from 6 aces, 32 attacks, 5 blocks and 20 enemy errors and Bosnia’s from 10 aces, 44 attacks, 5 blocks and 16 enemy errors.

HELLAS (Marcello Abbondanza): Konstantinidou 3 (2/3 ref., 1 block), Anthoulis 5 (5/20 ref.), Strandzali 12 (10/16 ref., 2 aces, 70% sub. – 20% excellent), Vlahakis 6 (4/10 ref, 28% sub – 17% excellent), Terzoglou 5 (2/3 ref, 1 ace, 2 blocks), Tsioga 5 (2/4 ref, 1 ace, 2 blocks) / Xanthopoulou M. (l, 67% sub. – 25% excellent), Nikologianni 4 (4/7 ff.), Handava 1 (1/3 ff.), Kelesidi, Xanthopoulou P., Kyparissi 2 (2/5 ff .). .., 40% sub.-13% excellent).

BOSNIA (Stefan Ljubicic): Parandzic 12 (11/15 ref, 1 block), Dragutinovic 4 (3/5 ref, 1 block), Bozic 4 (2/4 ref, 1 ace, 1 block), Radiskovic 7 ( 4/12 ff., 3 aces, 60% sub.-30% excellent), Biberdzic 11 (10/18 ff., 1 ace, 47% sub.-29% excellent), Boskovic 19 (14/31 ff., 3 aces, 2 blocks) / Ivkovic (l, 70% under – 35% excellent).

The program of the national team qualifying group

1st matchday

Saturday 20 August 2022

  • Greece-Switzerland 3-0 (26:17, 26:24, 25:23)

Friday 9 September 2022

  • Sarajevo, 9 p.m.: Norway-Bosnia

2nd matchday

Wednesday 24 August 2022

  • Bosnia-Greece 0-3 (13:25, 20:25, 19:25)
  • Switzerland-Norway 3-0 (25.10., 25.09., 25.:21

3rd matchday

Saturday 27 August 2022

  • Greece 3-0 Norway (25-12, 25-16, 25th
  • Bosnia-Switzerland 3: 1 (25:19, 25:20, 26:28.2 5:23)

4th matchday

Saturday 3 September 2022

  • Norway 0-3 Greece (25/07, 25/11, 20/05)
  • Switzerland 1-3 Bosnia (25:22, 22:25, 11:25, 25:27)

5th matchday

Wednesday 7 September 2022

  • Greece 0-3 Bosnia (21:25, 22:25, 20:25)
  • Norway – Switzerland 0: 3 (18:25, 17:25, 20:25)

6th matchday

Saturday, September 10th

  • Sarajevo, 9 p.m.: Bosnia-Norway

Sunday, 09/11

  • Sonnewerd, 6.30 p.m.: Switzerland-Greece


  1. Greece 4 wins-1 losses, 12 points, 12-3 sets, 364-268 points
  2. Bosnia 3 wins-1 losses, 9 points, 9-5 sets, 327-311 points
  3. Switzerland 2 wins – 3 losses, 6 points, 8–9 sets, 387–371 points
  4. Norway 0 win-4 losses, 0 points, 0-12 sets, 172-300 points
  • The first two of the six qualifying groups qualify for Eurovolley 2023

Source: sport 24

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“I hope such a successful start of the season will be a prologue to future victories” – the general director of the women’s “Dynamo” about the Spartakiad




Vladimir Zinichev, General Director of Dynamo Women’s Volleyball Club, commented on the start of the season and the team’s performance at the Spartakiad of the Strongest.

— This year we hold our press conference after the 1st round of the championship. The season started earlier than usual, our team defended the honor of the city and the federation in a new competition at the Spartakiad. Not without difficulties, not without problems, but we managed to take 1st place and bring joy to the fans. I hope that such a successful start of the season will be a prologue to future victories,” Zinichev told reporters.

This summer, the Moscow team, represented by Dynamo volleyball players, won the All-Russian Spartakiad of the strongest athletes.

Source: Sportbox

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“I thought: am I a man or not?” Which of the Russian athletes was mobilized




Representatives of martial arts and team sports are ready to change sports uniforms for military ones.

The partial mobilization that began the other day will affect several hundred thousand Russians of various professions. Athletes are no exception here – among the well-known and not too well-known athletes to the general public, there are enough people who fit the criteria published by the Ministry of Defense.

Some of them have already received summons, others intend to come to the draft board on demand.

“I’m going to the military enlistment office one of these days”

One of the first who received a summons and announced that he was going to the draft board was MMA fighter Vladimir Mineev. The champion of AMC Fight Nights has already appeared in front of the audience in the beret of the Airborne Forces to the song “The blue splashed”, and the fact that the 32-year-old Russian belongs to the airborne troops is known to fans of mixed martial arts. However, the news that a professional athlete is ready to go to the front still came as a surprise to many.

– I received a summons, I’m going to the draft board the other day. My brother died at the very beginning of the SVO in Gostomel. I am one man left for four families. Nephews, my family, a daughter from my first marriage, I have one mother and a grandmother. But I’m not going to run. I take a summons and go to the military registration and enlistment office, and there, as the Motherland decides. I fall under the first category, I am a paratrooper, I served a term and a contract, ”Match TV quotes Mineev as saying.

Vladimir Mineev / Photo: © AMC FIGHT NIGHTS

Vladimir is not the only martial arts representative who will have to change his sports uniform to a military one. President of the Russian Wrestling Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili said that several representatives of the national team had already received summons. However, the head of the FSBR did not name specific names.

“I’ll go without question”

Not only representatives of martial arts are drafted into the armed forces. In the near future, the champion of Russia and the winner of the volleyball Champions League Nikita Alekseev can replenish the troops. It was no coincidence that the 30-year-old diagonal of the Surgut “Gazprom-Yugra” received the agenda – at one time he served in the Crimea, and in the elite troops.

– One fine day I thought: am I a man or not? You have to decide your own life. He came to the draft board and asked to join the special forces, – the volleyball player was quoted by the Krasnaya Zvezda weekly.

Nikita Alekseev / Photo: © Personal archive of Nikita Alekseev

The bronze medalist of Euro 2008 Roman Shirokov served in the construction battalion in the early 2000s and has not yet become interested in the draft board. According to the ex-footballer, he is ready to join the ranks of the armed forces if he receives a summons.

– Did I fall under the law on partial mobilization? Don’t know. I haven’t received anything yet. If it is necessary, then it is necessary, what questions are there. If a summons comes, will I go without question? Of course, – quotes Shirokov Legalbet.

Olympic champion, world champion in artistic gymnastics David Belyavsky spoke in a similar vein.

What to do if a summons arrives? Go to serve, it’s obvious to me. Is there another option? Belyavsky told Match TV.

Source: Sportbox

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Titled Russian volleyball player received a summons from the military registration and enlistment office




Diagonal Surgut VK “Gazprom-Yugra” Nikita Alekseev received a summons from the military registration and enlistment office. This was announced to Match TV by the Secretary General of the All-Russian Volleyball Federation (VVF) Alexander Yaremenko.

– At the moment, in our Super League, we know of one case of serving a summons to a volleyball player. Nikita Alekseev from Gazprom-Yugra received a summons from the Moscow military enlistment office. We do not know the purpose of the call to the draft board. He served in the Airborne Forces for two years, – Yaremenko told Match TV.

30-year-old Alekseev became the champion of Russia as part of Kazan’s Zenit, won the Champions League, two Cups and two Super Cups of the country, the club world championship. Speaking for the youth team of Russia, the athlete became the winner of the European Championship.

Source: Sportbox

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